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What to do After the Match?

Posted by medliorator on April 18, 2009

4th year mudphudder shares valuable lessons learned from his own mistakes:

what I should have done in hindsight:

1) get ACLS/ATLS certified ASAP – most of you will take a month off in december or january for interviews, get certified on one of your off days.  Also, most of your medical schools will offer these courses for free, so no excuses.

2) Start looking for residency housing ASAP.  If you know where you will be (to varying degrees of certainty), start looking even before the match.  Look in a few different cities if you have a gut feeling of where on your rank list you will land, but LOOK.

Think Ahead [mudphudder]

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Reduce Your Rent with a Letter

Posted by medliorator on February 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

We’re writing in regards to the renewal of our lease at [insert your address here].

On [date you moved in], we [names of tenants] moved into a unit in the aforementioned property. Since then, property values in Manhattan [replace with your city or neighborhood] have declined by 5.6% for two-bedrooms units, much more steeply than the nationwide drop of 0.4%. Further, apartment vacancies overall rose to 6.6% in the quarter from 5.7% a year earlier. [I used footnotes here to cite the WSJ story. I suggest also putting in data about your local market from local papers, etc..] Economists and real estate experts predict the decline to continue through 2009-2010.

In our building, that has meant facing an empty unit for several months. Units similar to ours have been rented in recent months to tenants with credit scores and incomes lower than ours at even cheaper rates than what we’ve paid. A rent hike seems inconsistent with recent market conditions and unfair to paying tenants like us with flawless records.

We’ve confirmed that a unit nearly identical to ours is renting at $2,350 a month for a one-year lease. We ask that our lease, at the least, should match that. This would satisfy your interest in keeping our unit occupied and our interest in staying in our apartment at a reasonable rate. Ideally, a discount would be lowering our rent to $2,100 a month for a one-year lease. [At first, I thought this was too bold, but I’m glad I started low.]

As one property manager recently told The Wall Street Journal: “If they’re good payers, we will give them a discount.” Here we are, good payers, asking for a reasonable discount. The $50 off our current rate [original manager] and Ms. Pilon spoke about is inconsistent with other rates in our building and current market activity and projections.

We look forward to continuing the conversation and hearing from you shortly.

[Names and contact information of tenants here]

How to Reduce Your Rent [WSJ]

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How to Furnish your Apartment Inexpensively

Posted by medliorator on August 12, 2008

4.  Go to your local thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army stores or any other charity run thrift store. Check back often as their supply changes daily to weekly. You can easily pick up pots, pans, bowls and utensils for $1 or less. Also watch for church sales. Many older church goers unload great items to be sold super cheap at these sales.

How to Furnish Your First College Dorm or Apartment on a Budget [wikiHow]

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Find a Place to Live

Posted by wupz on May 9, 2007

Two powerful online tools make finding a place to live easier by integrating Google Maps and Craigslist. MapsKrieg is pretty, but we recommend HousingMaps for its speed and filter options.

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