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Avoid Common Pitfalls When Undertaking New Medical Research Projects

Posted by medliorator on May 3, 2010

Rushing and overloading yourself in science is common, even normal… Never. Rush. The beginning. Ever.

Taking a step back to thoroughly assess the viability of your project… might actually be the one thing that can steer you clear from failure.

2. Read critically. It always pays off to spend some time delimiting the boundaries of your project, by putting it in the context of previous data and existing literature.  Read extensively and leisurely about all aspects of your future work, technical and conceptual… Being critical with what you read will help you identify the failed approaches between the lines, so you can avoid them as we

4. Mind your “n”. The statistical power of the tests that fit your design, and the depth and extend of the differences you expect to observe, are going to determine what sample number you will need to draw meaningful conclusions …use the available preliminary data or similar studies from the literature to calculate or infer what you appropriate n might be. Then revise the backbone design of your project accordingly

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