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How to Succeed in Medical School – Advice for all 4 years

Posted by medliorator on April 15, 2010

Dr. Lisabetta Divita @ SDN…

MS-1 and MS-2

How will you know what could be asked on an exam? Obtaining exams from previous years is perhaps the most important investment you could make. Get copies of previous exams. Old exams give you the best idea of the style and scope of questions that will be asked. There is simply too much information not to focus; the best way to focus is to get a feel for how previous classes were tested.

MS-3 and MS-4

  • DO NOT slow the interns/residents down
  • care for your patient whenever possible
  • assist/perform as many procedures as possible (IVs, central lines, arthrocenteses, paracenteses, etc.)
  • get all labs/study results as soon as they are ready
  • personally experience all interesting physical findings (your patient or not)
  • ask the senior resident/fellow general questions
  • ask the intern questions about your patient (that you cannot find out yourself)
  • DO NOT switch these last two items. In other words, DO NOT pimp the intern and DO NOT ask the resident/fellow about lab results

Tips for Surviving Medical School [SDN]

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