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Essence of Medical Training – Everybody is My Teacher

Posted by medliorator on January 14, 2010

Everybody is my teacher –  I think I held this idealistic view prior to entering medicine, though my belief in this has only strengthened with time.

Sure, professors, attendings, senior residents, and other “formal” authority figures taught me a lot of stuff. Patients—people—often were (are) the best instructors of all.

Example: I had learned about Familial Mediterranean Fever when I was a medical student… and never saw a “real” person with that diagnosis. Thus, I had forgotten what this condition entails (other than a fever). Recently, I met someone with that diagnosis and this person provided a clear description of the symptoms, how the diagnosis was made (”avoid passive voice”), and how the condition is treated (”did you not read what I just advised?”).

Things I Learned in Medical Training That Have Influenced Me in My Non-Medical Life [inteuri]

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