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How to Create a Rank Order List of Residency Programs

Posted by medliorator on January 8, 2010

Kendra Campbell shares her approach to the creation of her rank order list at The Differential:

I created a spreadsheet with 10 different variables across the top. Next, I added each program as a separate row, and then put a ranking (1-5) for each variable …For each program, I added up all the numbers, sorted them from highest to lowest, and voila! I have a rank order list of residency programs… here are the variables I used (in no particular order):

1. Location
2. Patient population
3. Faculty
4. hospital setting
5. Residents
6. Salary/benefits
7. Opportunities for research
8. Hands-on/procedural experience
9. Hospital and facilities
10. hospital’s reputation

How Do I Choose a Residency Program? [The Differential]

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