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RePost: Managing Exam Stress & Optimizing Performance

Posted by medliorator on December 27, 2009

Philip Zack:

Many people have an automatic train of “self talk” in their heads, which has the effect of giving up control to external factors with unhelpful statements such as, “The exam is making me stressed” or “I’m bound to fail again.”

Take control of these self talk messages by challenging them—for example, “The exam is making me stressed” becomes “I let myself get stressed in the exam;” or “I’m bound to fail again” becomes “I might fail, but if I prepare well I might pass.”

You can also control your emotional state by practising simple meditation or visualisation exercises, both before the exam and during short breaks in the exam itself. Box 3 shows a simple example, using a technique called anchoring. You can use a range of techniques, which can either be self learnt or taught by a professional, such as a yoga teacher or hypnotherapist.

the Yerkes-Dodson curve:


Exam technique 2: performing [BMJ Careers]

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