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Medical Student Alarm Clock Guide

Posted by medliorator on December 21, 2009

Medical students understand the value of owning multiple alarm clocks.  Consider the following novel alarm clocks if adding to your arsenal this season:

1. Mobile Alarm Clock

Premise: in order to turn off the alarm clock, you must first catch the alarm clock.

Pricing: $50 for the original Clocky from Target; $40 for knock-offs

Notes: Watch a video of this critter in action here.

2. Puzzle Alarm Clock

Premise: Alarm clock turns off only after you’ve returned pieces to the base in the appropriate position.  Fancy models fire pieces into the air, scattering them on the ground.  Simpler models  let you scatter the pieces before going to bed.

Pricing: $100 for spring-loaded model; $15 for regular models

Notes: Watch a video of this terror in action here.

3. Flying Alarm Clock

Premise: Alarm clock fires flying component through the air and will silence only after the flying piece is returned to the clock base.

Pricing: $50 for BlowFly model

Notes: Difficult to find in stock

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