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Finding Quiet Time

Posted by medliorator on December 7, 2009

2. Take Two Minutes to Plan Your Morning – take just two minutes to plan your morning. Grab a post-it note. Jot down three things that you want to get done before lunch.

5. Have a Complete Rest When You Get Home – How often do you get home from work feeling frazzled, exhausted and irritable? Do you end up wasting time watching television shows that don’t really interest you, or surfing the internet just to unwind?

For the last year and a half of my previous job, this was my routine when I would arrive home from work. I would literally go in, lay down on the bed for about twenty minutes with my eyes closed, and think about nothing. I’d breathe in deeply, breathe out deeply and slowly, and just let my mind and body drift away. After twenty minutes, I would feel tremendously refreshed.

Six Ways to Find Quiet During a Busy Day [Dumb Little Man]


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