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Speciality Overview – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Posted by medliorator on November 6, 2009

by Sara Cohen, MD

PM&R involves the diagnosis and restoration of functional ability and quality of life in patients with disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

Residency training in PM&R includes 1 year of internship, which can be a preliminary or transitional year, followed by 3 years of specialty training in PM&R. Some residencies combine the 4 years into 1 program. Generally, the first year focuses on the inpatient rehabilitation aspects of the field, whereas senior residents practice more outpatient physical medicine with a lighter call schedule.

The rehabilitation part (the “R” in PM&R) involves the long-term care of patients with disorders of the central nervous system, such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, and stroke. We also care for patients with amputations and orthopedic injuries. Our job as the physician on the inpatient rehab unit is to oversee the care of these patients and work with a team of therapists and other staff to maximize the patient’s function. Although the interventions we use will not “cure” patients, we help them to make the most of what they’ve got.

Rehab patients remain on the unit for weeks or even months. As a result, during my residency I was able to build relationships with them and their families, as well as see the long-term outcomes of treatment. I have a shelf in my apartment filled with gifts from patients who were very grateful for the treatment they received on our unit.

What Is PM&R? [Medscape]

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