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Saxagliptin Approved (DPP4 inhibitor)

Posted by medliorator on August 3, 2009


[Saxagliptin] which will be sold under the brand name Onglyza, is in a relatively new class, called DPP-4 inhibitors, that can be taken along with older diabetes drugs.

Until now, Merck’s Januvia has been the only drug in the class on the market in this country.

Saxagliptin Approval: Finally, Competition for Merck’s Januvia [WSJ Health Blog

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Case Study: New Strain of HIV

Posted by medliorator on August 3, 2009


researchers have now discovered an HIV infection in a Cameroonian woman which is clearly linked to a gorilla strain, Nature Medicine reports.

HIV originated from a similar virus in chimpanzees called Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV).

French doctors treating the 62-year-old Cameroonian woman who was living in Paris said they initially spotted some discrepancies in routine viral load tests.

Further analysis of the HIV strain she was infected with showed it was more closely related to SIV from gorillas than HIV from humans.

She is the only person known to be infected with the new strain but the researchers expect to find other cases.

Before moving to Paris, she had lived in a semi-urban area of Cameroon and had no contact with gorillas or bush meat, suggesting she caught the virus from someone else who was carrying the gorilla strain.

Scientists find new strain of HIV [BBC News]

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