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Predict USMLE Step 1 Score

Posted by medliorator on June 8, 2009

Clinical Review offers a USMLE Step 1 Calculator to estimate your score and percentile based on 1 to 5 practice exam scores including

  • NBME CBSSA – Raw Score
  • USMLE World – 3 Digit Score
  • USMLE World – QBank Percent
  • Kaplan – QBank Percent
  • Clinical Review -QBank Percent

Can we trust this predictor?

The data used to create the calculators is obtained from the public domain and from our own pool of students who have completed the entire USMLE Review course. The sample size is approximately 4,000 and consists of US Medical Graduates and Foreign Medical Graduates. The score estimate provided above is based on a complex multivariate weighted regression analysis and estimated continuous probability distribution.

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