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Forum Filter: Living with Diabetes

Posted by medliorator on April 30, 2009

K2: there was the time when I was a waitress in college at a Seafood joint… The staff ate dinner at 4:30pm and the restaurant opened at 5pm.

There was one bathroom in the place and it was dark &”rustic” with a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. I ate my chowder & went in the bathroom to give myself a quick injection after the meal. Don’t remember why I injected after the meal though.  I held the needle up to the light, and starting flicking the syringe for air bubbles. I remember thinking, “Wow, I look like a drug addict in a shooting den.”
My thoughts were quickly confirmed when the door swung open and a woman looked at me in complete HORROR!  My 19 year old self quickly said,” I’m a diabetic, I shoot insulin, not drugs!!” She just ran out the door.  I left the bathroom & didn’t have a chance to dwell on what had just happened because my boss told me my first table was seated.  Guess who was sitting at the table with her family???
YES, I had some explaining to do!
In the end, we all laughed about it & THEY LEFT A HUGE TIP!

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