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How to Muscle Through Distraction

Posted by medliorator on April 3, 2009

The (10+2) x 5 productivity method proves especially useful for those tasks susceptible to distraction (e.g. computer work)

What you’ll need

  1. a timer (must be easy to reset)
  2. a reduced subset of your to-do list ([ideally] tasks that can be worked on (not necessarily completed) in blocks of 10 minutes or less)

How it works

  • 10 – Work for ten minutes with single-minded focus on moving toward completion on a single task. Ten minutes, and that’s all you’re allowed to do is work, work, work.
  • 2 – After ten minutes of sweaty, dedicated work you get a 2-minute break to do whatever you want
  • 5 – You’re going to iterate this four more times for a total of one hour’s working/breaking


  • You do not need to finish your task or your project in ten minutes; you just need to move it forward
  • If you finish a satisfying amount of work in fewer than ten minutes, STOP, and go right to your 2-minute break, than start another 10-minute dash
  • you can and eventually will skip breaks

Procrastination hack: ‘(10+2)*5’ [43folders]

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