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Clean Your Home in Minutes

Posted by medliorator on March 29, 2009

Parent visit?  Physician stopping by?  When tidiness falls through the cracks, fall back on these clean-up tips whenever you require a presentable home without the work.

  • Reserve one side of sofa cushions to be shown to guests. Before company arrives, flip over the cushions to reveal good-as-new fabric. When guests are gone, flip them back
  • When the dishwasher is full and the sink is overflowing, stow dirty dishes and silverware in a stockpot and pull them out later to be cleaned.
  • Stow pajamas under the pillow. This way, they’re off the floor and ready for later.
  • As for dirty clothes awaiting washing, simply toss them in the washer.

How to Fake a Clean House [Real Simple]

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