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Posted by medliorator on March 19, 2009

Homonymous hemianopsia: It’s a complex, yet quick way of saying that a person has lost the same field of vision in both eyes.

Prader-Willi Syndrome: a spectrum of disorders caused by a deletion or doubling on chromosome 15, resulting in a person’s never, ever, ever feeling like they’ve had enough to eat. There are related problems (including a lack of muscle mass and sometimes mild mental retardation), but the feeling of overwhelming and constant hunger is the hallmark of Prader-Willi.

: aka “neglect”. A person who’s had a stroke or other brain injury forgets about half of their body. In severe cases, they lose all concept of one side of the universe, so that “left” or “right” no longer exists.

Apneustic breathing: It happens when you get a bonk or a tumor in your lower pons (v. important part of brain): you breathe in deeply, pause, breathe out…(wait about a minute)…repeat.

Jo’s Fun List Of Medical Terms Nobody Can Pronounce! [Head Nurse]

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