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Quick Productivity Tips

Posted by medliorator on February 25, 2009

1. Leave the house. Go to a working environment, It it may be the library, coffee shop or a designated study area on campus. Regardless, leave the distractions behind

2. Disconnect. Get off Facebook, Twitter and turn off your cell phone. These time sinks are useless… Most coffee shops make you pay for WiFi, take advantage of this fact.

3. Isolate. Put on your headphones, put in some ear plugs, listen to white noise. By blocking your hearing, you eliminate a great deal of distractions. The feeling of isolation will help you get your work done.

4. Get dressed. Act like you mean business… Take a shower, do your hair, get dressed for the day, eat breakfast and get in the working mood.

5 Quick and Dirty Anti-Procrastination Tips [Hack College]

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