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Insider’s Look – NRMP R3 System Rank Order

Posted by medliorator on February 5, 2009

the NRMP R3 System Rank Order List opened up on January 15

It’s a pretty simple system… if you are only doing Categorical spots.  It’s a little more complicated if you are doing both Prelim and Advanced spots, and have to create Supplemental lists

you just click on “My Rank Order List” and literally you search the programs that you want and assign them a rank order.  When you search for a program, then click on it, it tells you how many spots that program has, and lets you know the program director’s name for verification purposes.

Once you are all done with the list then you hit “Certify”, resubmit your password, and all of a sudden the match status changes to CERTIFIED ROL (it really changes from red to green too!).  The beauty of it all is that there is no limit to the number of times that you can certify!

I was instructed on what “Ranked to Match” means  …if there are 8 spots in a program, you are only “Ranked to Match” if you are in that top 8  …there are no guarantees unless you are “ranked to match”.  So even if a program director (PD) tells you that you are ranked highly, or you would fit in, or they are keeping their fingers crossed, it doesn’t mean anything unless they tell you that you are “ranked to match”.

Match Status: RANKING [Med Obsession]

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