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How to Schedule Clinical Rotations

Posted by medliorator on January 29, 2009

Daniel Egan, MD:

If you are certain about the specialty you plan to pursue, you should avoid scheduling a rotation in that clinical area first. During your earliest rotations, you will be learning basic medical practices, how to pre-round and round, how to write a note, and how to use the computer system. The best place for you to experience that learning curve is not in the specialty you intend to enter. However, it may make sense to do a so-called “difficult” rotation first, such as surgery, if you are not going to pursue a residency in that clinical area. More difficult rotations can accelerate the process of learning the ways of the hospital as well as decreasing your anxiety level (and requirement for sleep) as the year moves forward.

How Should I Schedule My Clinical Rotations? [Medscape]

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