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Forum Filter: Should I Attend Lecture?

Posted by medliorator on January 26, 2009

Jeff Wonoprabowo – I attended over 80% of lectures.  It wasn’t because I had figured out that I learn better through lecture. It was because of fear.  I had this paranoia that I would miss something important… Do you attend lectures?

ELP – overall I’ve found that, when I have the self-control to actually study when skipping a class, I get a lot more done and retain the info much better than if I’d been in class

min – Lectures are actually a guide for me to study and I felt myself can study better with these guides. The lecturers might share some of their special experiences and there is no harm to listen also.

Ali – I started to deviate away from going to lecture because, just as you, I saw a lot of people who didn’t go to lecture and still were at the top of the class when it came to tests. By not going to class, I realized I became less dependent on the prof and more dependent on myself to learn the information. Remember, you’re not learning medicine for the grade, you’re learning it for the sake of treating people in the future. So just because the prof doesnt say “this is important” for a certain topic doesn’t mean it’s not important.

laura – I have not attended class more than 2x/mo for the past year. My scores went up when I stopped going to class.

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