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How To Register For USMLE Step 1

Posted by medliorator on January 21, 2009

Check out medliorator’s guest post at Scrub Notes entitled, How To Register For USMLE Step 1.

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I repeated this pattern of studying for particular subjects for about 6 weeks, but I made sure to reserve the last week before the exam to go through First Aid again. Doing so really helped solidify all the material in my mind. Also, as I had been taking notes in First Aid as I did review questions, I had a much richer resource to study from during that last week, and did not have to waste time hunting for notes in other resources

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How to Transfer as a Foreign Medical Student

Posted by medliorator on January 21, 2009

To find out which schools accept non-LCME students, I went to the AAMC’s website for transfer policies by school. I asked to search by policy then narrowed my search by selecting ALL schools in ALL regions and selecting all the boxes accept for the first four (LCME-accredited applicant, Osteopathic applicant, Dental applicant, Oral and Facial surgeon applicant). This generated a list of 54 institutions accepting transfers into the second year and 73 accepting applicants into the third year. There is some overlap.

[I] called every single institution to ask about their transfer policy for non-LCME students. This is important to do if you are serious about transferring and this level of effort will separate you from your peers.

There are several schools that often have spaces available

  1. Drexel University
  2. George Washington
  3. New York Medical College
  4. Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine
  5. SUNY Upstate
  6. Tulane University
  7. University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey (UMDNJ)

In addition to this list, I was able to confirm that eight [additional] schools would accept non-LCME applicants.

Transferring from the Caribbean: Which Schools Accept FMGs? [the rumors were true]

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