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Holiday Medical Myths Debunked

Posted by medliorator on January 15, 2009

BMJ 2008;337:a2769

You can cure a hangover

A systematic review of randomised trials evaluating medical interventions for preventing or treating hangovers found no effective interventions in either traditional or complementary medicine.

Suicides increase over the holidays

there is no good scientific evidence to suggest a holiday peak in suicides… Studies of suicide rates from India also show peaks in April and May. Studies from the US reflect this pattern, with lower rates in November and December than in typically warmer months.

Nocturnal feasting makes you fat

In a study of over 2500 patients, eating at night was not associated with weight gain, but eating more than three times a day was linked to being overweight or obese.  Studies have connected skipping breakfast with gaining more weight, but this is not because breakfast skippers eat more at night.  Breakfast skippers eat more during the rest of the day. Records of calorie intake suggest that those who eat breakfast maintain healthy weights because their calorie intake is more evenly distributed over the day

Festive medical myths [BMJ]

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