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Residency Interviewing Advice

Posted by medliorator on January 5, 2009

Ben Bryner:

One of the other questions that I’ve been told to prepare for is “What kind of people do you have the hardest time working with?” Obviously, this is a trap. (The old tried-and-true trap question, “What are your weaknesses?” is now such a cliché that I haven’t heard anyone ask it.) So when someone asks you what kind of people are difficult to work with, you can’t give the correct answer (“People that are both mean and stupid”). But this is fine, because the interviewer’s point in asking the question is not to obtain information (everybody knows the right answer) but to see how you think.

one way I’ve answered the question is to say that as a medical student, people who don’t give you a chance to get involved are the toughest ones to work with.

By answering this way I hope to show the interviewer that I like getting involved, am a team player, and will be interested in teaching students when I’m a resident. I have no idea if this comes across the way I mean it

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