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Slide Presentation Skills for Medical Students

Posted by medliorator on January 4, 2009


1. Assume your audience is not interested or doesn’t care about your topic it has to be simple, visually accessible and clearly explained. Clarity will not frustrate those who are interested. But it is folly to make your presentation too complicated for those who don’t care.
4. Less explanation is more – Excessive explanation can get boring, and make it seem more complicated. Inadequate explanation can be cleared up in question time.
5. Answer the question – The first thing out of your mouth should be the answer – “yes”, “no”, “we don’t know” or “That is a limitation of the study.”
6. If you need thinking time, tell the questioner they asked a good question – If you do this for every question, you look like an idiot, but it can be effective once or twice.


1. If presenting research or a journal club article, your last slide should be “Implications of this data”
2. Don’t write full sentences on slides
3. Avoid words of more than one syllable wherever possible
5. Avoid lengthy explanations of background and basic theory
7. Your conclusion slide must be able to be read from the back of the room – This may be the only slide your audience reads.

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