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How to Take Strategic Breaks

Posted by medliorator on November 25, 2008

On a short time span, there are really only two kinds of breaks you can take:

  • Short breaks to rest during the day
  • Breaks that finish a day and begin the next morning

Here’s my rule for taking short breaks:
Whenever I hit a roadblock in my energy and can’t accomplish anything, I set myself a timer for 15-30 minutes.  My goal is to keep working throughout this time.  Once the timer is done, I see if I’ve made any progress.  If I haven’t, I know it’s time to take a break.  This rule helps because it prevents you from quitting whenever you hit a small obstacle.

Don’t Waste Day-Ending Breaks
If you’re going to quit for the day, rest fully.  Set a big to-do list for the next day and plan to start early again.  You’ve postponed work to rest strategically.  That will only be successful if you actually regain your energy.

How to Know When to Take a Break [Scott H Young]

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