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How to Stand Out

Posted by medliorator on November 20, 2008

by Chris Guillebeau:

Focus externally and continually ask for feedback – Ask your boss, your colleagues, and your subordinates the same question every couple of weeks: “What can I do better?” If they don’t give you a straight answer, they’re usually just being polite. Ask again. Also ask all of these people, “How can I help you?” Spend time every day focusing on the people around you.

Build a strong team even if you’re not the boss, and be a leader no matter what your title is – Just start doing it. Take notes at meetings and email them out to the participants. Begin asking follow-up questions: “Who will take responsibility for this? When will it be done?” Leadership rarely involves telling people what to do. Instead, it’s usually about helping people and teams create synergy and accomplish great things by working together.

Work smarter and harder – Yes, you should find ways to work smarter and avoid repetitive, monotonous tasks. But you should also work really hard. Show up early and leave late …It’s a lot better to have a reputation as a hard worker from the beginning.

If you feel threatened by someone, don’t show it – Most people who lead by intimidation are quite insecure. Don’t reinforce their insecurity by pandering to it. Even when it’s working for them and you feel intimidated, never let them know. Instead, do your job, keep excelling, keep looking out for others

Share Credit, Accept Blame – Many people try to pass the blame to others. It’s very different to say, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. Try sending an email with the subject “Hey everyone, I’m sorry” sometime and see what happens.

Compliment others every day –
by email, phone, notes, any way you can

How to Stand Out in Any Job [The Art of Nonconformity]

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