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Finding Research Opportunities for Medical Students

Posted by medliorator on November 17, 2008

Daniel Egan, MD

a published paper on your curriculum vitae when you are applying to residency will show motivation and academic success. However, an abstract presentation at a regional or national conference would also be impressive.

look for a mentor who can help you develop your own research project. More realistically, you may find a mentor who is already working on a project but who would welcome the help of a medical student.

investigate the department in which you are most interested in working. In many of the larger academic centers, each department has faculty members designated as the research directors. They would likely be the best individuals to approach first. They will be in tune with the current activities and opportunities in their department, and can link you with other faculty members. This is also an opportunity to meet a faculty member in your future specialty who can act as a mentor and guide as you go through the process of applying for residency.

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