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Enhance Productivity with a Stopwatch (iPhone)

Posted by medliorator on November 14, 2008

My iPhone has a countdown timer, alarm and stopwatch, and it is one of my every-day applications. It has changed the way I work. Here are some of the uses I have found so far:

  • Reminder alarms.
  • Keep track. use this for tracking cooking times, meeting times, lunch breaks – anything where time might be an issue.
  • Keeping involved. Sometimes, when life is chaotic, I escape. To a chair, to a corner, to my office; somewhere. I set a timer to make sure I only retreat for the time I need.

To know I have a reminder that I trust, lets me focus on my real task at hand. I’m not sure how much more I get done, but I am happy to lose the stress of trying to remember.

IPhone timer boosts productivity and improves time management [AppleQuack]

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