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How to Avoid Looking Stupid

Posted by medliorator on November 10, 2008

Every time you start prep for a new rotation, list the 20 conditions that are most common, and therefore most important.

  • Learn them back to front.
  • If you are doing clinical rotations, see at least 5 cases for each.  If you can’t find 5 cases, you have chosen the wrong 20 conditions.
  • Learn all the details of the cases including meds and doses, even though that might not be required at your stage.  For these common conditions, you need to know all algorithms without looking it up.

Once you know those 20 topics back to front, then choose 5 conditions that are uncommon, but life-threatening or catastrophic, or easily misdiagnosed, and therefore important. Learn them back to front as well.

The DrCris “Just don’t look stupid” study plan [AppleQuack]


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