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Three Timeless Study Tips

Posted by medliorator on October 31, 2008

You can prepare yourself to succeed in your studies. Try to develop and appreciate the following habits:

  • Put first things first – Follow up on the priorities you have set for yourself, and don’t let others, or other interests, distract you from your goals
  • Discover your key productivity periods and places – Morning, afternoon, or evening?  Find spaces where you can be the most focused and productive.  Prioritize these for your most difficult study challenges.
  • Look for better solutions to problems – For example, if you don’t understand the course material, don’t just re-read it. Try something else! Consult with the professor, a tutor, an academic advisor, a classmate, a study group, or your school’s study skills center

Effective Habits for Effective Study [Study Guides and Strategies]


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