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Medical Students on Mental Illness

Posted by medliorator on October 23, 2008

A recent study published in Medical Education demonstrated that undergraduate medical students react less positively towards mentally ill patients in primary care than to patients in good health or with a chronic physical illness, such as diabetes.

Even when they are more difficult to manage they still have a disease comparable to somatic illness or even worse, that should be treated. On emergency rooms these patients also tend to be neglected out of fear or countertransference. Suicidal patients are often seen as a bother on ER department. Also care of their somatic illnesses tend to be under treated and neglected.

The authors suggest that because personal experience with mental illness lessens the negative attitude students have towards mental illness they should attend the presentation of autobiographical cases which allow the disease to be viewed within the context of an individual’s entire life. This can be accomplished by reading autobiographical books or see films such as “A beautiful mind” or talk to these patients and integrate this in the education.

Negative attitude in medical students towards patients with Mental Illness [Neurostimulating Blog]

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