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Occupational Injury in Surgery

Posted by medliorator on October 21, 2008

A survey of more than 350 plastic surgeons indicates that occupational injuries, especially muscle strains, are the norm, not the exception in this profession, according to study findings to be presented next month at the American Society of Plastic Surgery meeting in Chicago.

Muscle strain was reported by 70 percent of the surgeons, vision changes by 40 percent, cervical disc degeneration by 30 percent, lumbar disc degeneration by 25 percent, and shoulder arthritis by 20 percent. Roughly half of the subjects reported being treated for a health condition related to operating.

The DASH findings suggested that the injuries often had a functional impact. Age, years in practice, and loupe use were all found to correlate with injury.

This is the “first systematic assessment of injuries occurring in the surgical workforce,” lead researcher Dr. Pranay M. Parikh, from Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, told Reuters Health.

Occupational injuries very common in surgeons [Reuters]

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