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What to Expect in Fourth Year

Posted by medliorator on October 17, 2008

the fourth year usually allows you to schedule the individual months and their order. Some schools change the format around a little bit or let you take some electives earlier in the third year, but during the fourth year the ball is generally in your court.

I’ve been told that the true goal of fourth year is “filling in the gaps” in your education

The options include elective months on consult services, research months, months involved in specialties like radiation oncology that you haven’t seen during the third year, etc. Also, this is obviously the time to travel (domestically or internationally) for an away rotation. Of course, applying and interviewing for residencies is busy, and there are a number of requirements that your fourth year has to meet (including subinternships). But the flexibility is there to allow you to fill in the gaps in your own medical education.

Fourth Year: Filling in the Gaps [The Differential]


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