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How to be an Internist

Posted by medliorator on October 16, 2008

What you have here is how I break down every possible illness known to man.

  • By Organ System. Looking at things by organ system is the first way to conquer disease evaluation and management.
  • By Category of Disease Process. Is it infectious? Is it autoimmune? Is it hormonal? Is it traumatic? Is it genetic? Is it environmental? Is it medication induced? Is it a toxin? Is it allergic? Is it iatrogenic? Is it cancerous?
  • Is It Systemic Or Localized? if it is systemic, how else does it present[?] So much in medicine is lost when you aren’t keeping your eyes open. When you focus so strongly on one part of the body and fail to understand the rest.
  • Is It Acute Or Chronic? As an internist you want to know if the problem is new or old.

The Doctor’s Doctor: How To Be An Internist In Five Minutes [The Happy Hospitalist]

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