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Choosing a Mobile Device for Medicine

Posted by medliorator on September 24, 2008

“smartphone” is used to describe a wide range of phone devices, and some are smarter than others! If you plan to use your smartphone to run software applications such as Epocrates, check that it comes with one of the major mobile operating systems (Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and soon, iPhone).

Knowing how and where you will use your device will help you determine what features are “must-have” for you, versus only nice to have.

  • As a phone? (you may want to review specific phone features such as loud speaker)
  • For clinical reference information? (check to see that the applications you want are supported)
  • For email? (be sure to select a comfortable keyboard)
  • To access the Web? (look for a large, high resolution screen and easy browser)
  • To take and store pictures or video? (you’ll need plenty of internal memory or a memory card)
  • As a personal organizer?
  • As a voice recorder?
  • To listen to music?
  • To navigate a new town?
  • To play games?

Go Mobile [Epocrates]

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