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For-Profit Medical School

Posted by medliorator on September 13, 2008

Yife Tien bought the 24-acre Colorado property and built Rocky Vista, a 145,000-square-foot building tricked out with bright anatomy labs, patient simulators and fully wired classrooms, with $30 million from his father, Paul Tien, a wealthy 80-year-old Taiwanese immigrant who started the American University of the Caribbean medical school in 1978. Tien’s grand plan, revealed in an application with state accreditors, is to have tuition revenue explode from $2.7 million this year to $25 million in 2012 as four classes of students arrive on campus. In 2012 net income is supposed to be $3 million. Still, at a $152,000 list price for a degree in osteopathic medicine (D.O.), which is what Rocky Vista is offering, this could be a tough sell, even though a Yale M.D. costs $169,000 before discounts

An Uncommon Practice [Forbes]

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