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Cervical Cancer Biomarker

Posted by medliorator on September 12, 2008

A simple test for a protein called P16INK4A provided a biomarker showing cell changes that indicated a woman likely has pre-cancerous lesions

“The marker shows there was some sort of disruption by the HPV virus,” Ronco said. “Only a small minority of women who have an HPV infection actually develop cancer. The challenge is to find out who are at higher risk of developing cancer.”

The Italian team collected cervical cell samples from women who had already tested positive for the HPV virus… Then they tested for P16INK4A protein in more than 1,100 of these women and found that it helped identified 88 percent of those who had the cancer-causing lesions with far fewer false positives. The protein is more active in cervical-cancer cells.

The refined test also identified 50 percent more of the dangerous lesions than pap smears and required fewer women to be referred for colposcopy

New cervical cancer test beats pap smear [Reuters]

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