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Extreme Food Frugality

Posted by medliorator on September 11, 2008

  • Do NOT pick frozen dinners just because they are cheap. They will end up costing more than if you just made the dinner yourself and froze the leftovers for lunch.
  • whenever pasta and pasta sauce goes on sale, stock up
  • whenever ground meat …goes on sale buy a lot …split the packages into ~1/2 lbs packs and freeze
  • Powdered milk. I don’t like to drink it on its own, but as far as baking, cooking, or making instant pudding it’s delicious.
  • beans are an excellent food source. A large bag of Fifteen Bean Soup (I’m talking serving size of approx. 14 here) is around $2 at Grocery Store here. And it comes with everything you need to make said soup. That works out to be about 15 cents a serving!
  • Sam’s Club (or any whole-sale club) usually has a discount liquor store– with cut-rate beer and wine. Make friends with your local, independent liquor store clerk. They’ll point you towards good deals and cheap, but tasty wine

Amanda’s Guide to Extreme Frugality: Food Edition [A Lady Scientist]

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