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Teen Health Statistics

Posted by medliorator on September 11, 2008

National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) presents selected health measures for children under 18 years of age… The interviewed sample for 2006 consisted of 29,204 households, which yielded 75,7116 people in 29,868 families. Within these families, data was collected on 8,837 children under the age of 18.

  • 14% have been diagnosed with asthma (boys, black children, and poor children were more likely to have been diagnosed);
  • 13% of children take a prescription medication regularly for a health condition;
  • 10% had no health insurance coverage;
  • 8% have a learning disability;
  • 7% of children had unmet dental needs (37% of uninsured children had no dental care within two years);
  • 7% of children had ADHD (boys are twice as likely as girls to receive this diagnosis);and
  • 5% of children missed 11 or more days of school in the past year due to illness or injury (children in single-mother families were more than twice as likely to miss > 11 days of school compared with children in two-parent families).

Summary Health Statistics for U.S. Children: National Health Interview Survey, 2006 [Teen Health 411]

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Extreme Food Frugality

Posted by medliorator on September 11, 2008

  • Do NOT pick frozen dinners just because they are cheap. They will end up costing more than if you just made the dinner yourself and froze the leftovers for lunch.
  • whenever pasta and pasta sauce goes on sale, stock up
  • whenever ground meat …goes on sale buy a lot …split the packages into ~1/2 lbs packs and freeze
  • Powdered milk. I don’t like to drink it on its own, but as far as baking, cooking, or making instant pudding it’s delicious.
  • beans are an excellent food source. A large bag of Fifteen Bean Soup (I’m talking serving size of approx. 14 here) is around $2 at Grocery Store here. And it comes with everything you need to make said soup. That works out to be about 15 cents a serving!
  • Sam’s Club (or any whole-sale club) usually has a discount liquor store– with cut-rate beer and wine. Make friends with your local, independent liquor store clerk. They’ll point you towards good deals and cheap, but tasty wine

Amanda’s Guide to Extreme Frugality: Food Edition [A Lady Scientist]

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