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How to Cast

Posted by medliorator on September 5, 2008

we learned that any forearm cast – even for a single broken tiny bone in the wrist – should go up to within two fingerbreadths of the antecubital fossa (elbow crease). That way, if you fall on the cast, you don’t end up with a radial/ulnar double bone fracture halfway up the arm where the cast ends (which could end you up in surgery) – instead the elbow joint can take the brunt of the force.

…for fiberglass casts, if you don’t wear gloves, your fingertips get coated in tiny chunks of fiberglass cast material. Try as you might to wash it off, it’s there for good for the next few days to wreak havoc on your sensory nerve endings and make your hands feel like they’re desperately in need of moisturizer.

Casting – learn by doing (and making mistakes) [Vitum Medicinus]

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