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Take Notes Anywhere – Evernote

Posted by medliorator on August 31, 2008


Why You Should Be Using Evernote
A universal capture application is only as good as its ability to catch information no matter where you are and what you’re doing. With support for accessing and adding notes from your cellphone, through any web browser, or through the desktop version, the most popular note-taking application Evernote is perhaps the closest option to a true universal capture tool available next to plain old pen and paper.

Expand Your Brain with Evernote [Lifehacker]


One Response to “Take Notes Anywhere – Evernote”

  1. Brian Shaw said

    Another online note-taking application you might wanna try out is Springnote ( It’s a little bit different from Evernote; Springnote puts more focus on collaboration with others. You get to share pages with your colleagues, while creating as many note pages as you want. It also comes with 2GB of free file storage. After all, it’s a great tool when you do lots of research.
    If you really liked Evernote, Springnote is also worth a look.

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