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E-Mail Secrets – Preventing Errors with Microsoft Outlook

Posted by medliorator on August 19, 2008

Don’t let the convenience of email compromise your professional image.  For Microsoft Outlook users, the following features will help you to undo e-mail blunders and save face…

Outlook Attachment Reminder
This Outlook macro will politely remind you to attach a file if it finds the word “attach” in your email and no actual attached file.   In Outlook, select the Tools >> Macro >> Visual Basic Editor menu option.  Paste the code into the big white empty pageand click Save

Undo Sent Message
Using the “Defer” rule in outlook, setup a rule that delays message delivery for a few minutes after you click the Send button.  After implementation, sent messages sit in the Outbox for a few minutes. If you want to stop a message from going out, your best bet is to just delete it from the Outbox, but you could attempt to just fix the mistake and then resend.

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