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Forum Filter: Maximize Mentor-Mentee Relationships

Posted by medliorator on August 12, 2008

vocpanda: What things you wish you knew or did when you got a mentor … Or any other advices that would maximize my opportunity with a mentor.

elmay: I believe it is up to the mentee to drive the relationship. I recommend you step back, look at your goals, and think about what one area you could significantly improve that would drive you closer to your career goal. Think about what you could do to improve in that area. Then, take that and discuss it with your mentor.
On an ongoing basis, when you meet with your mentor, pull out that improvement list and review how its going. When you decided you’ve made enough progress (in 6 to 12 months), pick another area.
I have also gotten a lot of benefit out of having a mentor that was in my profession, but not part of my company. I worked for the same Fortune 500 company for 20 years — my mentor was able to help me gain a broader perspective on the industry.



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