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Guide to Long Distance Relationships

Posted by medliorator on August 7, 2008

Not having a life of their own is the biggest mistake that couples in a long distance relationship make.

The key is to stay positive, stay optimistic. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that long distance relationships don’t work. The assumption that long distance relationships don’t work is enough to sabotage it. Moreover, the question to ask is not whether long distance relationships work, but whether you want to make it work. Are you willing to put in the effort required to make it work?

You will be required to put in effort to re-learn some of the ways of communicating and staying in touch with each other, to re-learn how to be intimate with each other.

focus on your happiness. As you begin to stay happy, this happiness will automatically reflect in each and everything that you touch.

The more you stay happy, the more your partner will be happy. For wherever your partner is, he/she would want you to be happy. And if you are not, it would be on top of his/her mind always. Your unhappiness equates to your partner being unhappy and consistently worried about you. Learn to be happy and set your partner free of a lot of heart aches and worries.

Whatever you do, it’s important to Create a Routine. If we chatted in morning, then every morning without fail that will be the case. If it’s evening, then evening. Having some routine, a kind of consistency helped. It gave a sense of security, it showed that we can still rely on each other. Having a consistent time also helps in planning for the rest of the day.

Use your sensibility and maturity at all times while fighting.  No one gets to bang the phone down. No one gets to avoid communication. Stay sensible and matured. Fighting itself is painful for both. Do not make it more painful by trying to avoid or punish your partner. This is one of the drawbacks or advantages of long distance relationship.

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2 Responses to “Guide to Long Distance Relationships”

  1. squarebrackets said

    wise words x

  2. kazzles said

    Good stuff! I think it’s a really important rule to never hang up on the other one as you just don’t know what is going on at the other end of the phone.

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