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How to Cut the Costs of Printing

Posted by medliorator on August 4, 2008

Use Print Preview and Shrink to Fit
How many times have you printed off what you thought was a single page document and ended up with an almost empty page at the end? If you always blindly click the print button without previewing first, you’re going to end up wasting a ton of ink and paper when your document ends on a single line, or ends up being unreadable. By using Print Preview you can avoid this from happening and print exactly what you want, at the expense of a couple of seconds of your time.

Microsoft Word also has an option called “Shrink One Page” which will attempt to shrink the document by one page by reducing the size and spacing of the text.

Print to PDF Instead of Paper
Instead of printing documents to paper, you can print them to environmentally friendly PDF files that can easily be emailed around. There’s quite a number of options you can choose from: doPDF, PDFCreator, or CutePDF for Windows users, CUPS-PDF for Linux, and even though Mac OS X users have “Save as PDF” baked right in, you can set up CUPS-PDF as a printer that doubles as a PDF converter.

Smart and Easy Ways to Reduce Printing Costs [LifeHacker]


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