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NIH “Open Access” Policy

Posted by medliorator on July 29, 2008

National Institutes of Health has been encouraging researchers that produce publications through public funding to make those papers available through open access sites… Due to a Congressional mandate, the former “encouragement” became a binding policy this spring. That change has produced a variety of responses from the commercial publishers that will see their copyrighted works go open access.

Publications derived from publicly funded research could be restricted to subscribers for up to a year, after which point their authors were supposed to make a copy available to the wider public.

NIH “open access” policy causing publishing companies angst [Arstechnica]

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Earn Money Teaching Online: Revoluminary

Posted by medliorator on July 29, 2008


At Revoluminary our mission is to help people share knowledge and ideas about anything, from anywhere, at anytime.

How Revoluminary Works: Revoluminary helps connect instructors and students by providing a directory of available classes, easy scheduling and payment collection, clear instructor ratings, and an easy to use online classroom with interactive video.  Revoluminary members can sign up for classes they want at a time that is convenient, as well as creating their own classes and setting their own prices and hours of availability.

How Revoluminary Pays: Revoluminary charges students using secure google checkout system to collect the instructors fees and the Revoluminary network fee (a small fee to cover the cost of overhead, bandwidth and credit card fees). Every two weeks, Revoluminary sends the fees collected by each instructor to their paypal account.

A few topic suggestions from Gearfire:

Languages. teach English to someone in a foreign country.
The Last Class You Took.  You probably remember the details of the class better than an expert in the field.  …Tutor the class you took last semester to a younger student and you will not only earn some money, but also retain the material better in the long-term.
School Admissions.  Help a younger student figure out how to do what you just went through.
Travel Advice.  Traveled to Europe with your family?  Studied abroad in Australia?  Stayed in a hostel in South America?  Tell someone all about it!  Think about all the research you did before your trip and how much easier it would have been to have someone just tell you where to go, what to see and what to watch out for.  One-on-one travel advice goes beyond anything you can get online; it is the most personal, unbiased and fun way to get ready for a big trip!
Your Hometown.  Whether it’s the cheapest gas stations, the local school rivalries or the crazy cat lady living down the street, you know your hometown like the back of your hand.  Now consider all the people out there that will move to or visit your home town in the near future.  Why not give them the inside scoop

Make Extra Cash on the Side from your Academic Efforts with Online Tutoring [Gearfire]

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