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In Defense of Today’s Medical Students

Posted by medliorator on July 19, 2008

that retired doctor is right in one regard – today’s medical students wouldn’t make it through medical school back in his day… but only because they wouldn’t make it [into] medical school back then. This goes both ways, though – he and many from his generation …would likely not make it past the admissions process to get into medical school if he submitted his application from 1950 to one of today’s medical schools.

Some of the differences I can come up with:

1. How medical students are admitted.
—> Class of 1960: Chosen on the basis of GPA.
—> Class of 2000: Chosen for extracurriculars, personality, answer to the [etc]

3. How the students that get in approach a high volume of information.
—> Class of 1960: Medicine comes first, so I will learn it all.
—> Class of 2010: How much do I need to know to pass the tests, so I can still have time to enjoy time with my family, friends, and extracurriculars?

Are today’s medical students wusses? Consider what’s different now [Vitum Medicinus]

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