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Building a Successful Resume for Residency

Posted by medliorator on July 16, 2008

the page should have more blank space than text. Wall-to-wall print is overwhelming and difficult to read. If you have a lot of accomplishments, that’s great. But be sure that the ones you are trying to highlight are not lost in a big list. Don’t include anything on your CV that you would not want to become the main focus of an interview.

In most cases, CVs are now submitted online through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). This means that you must format your CV within the confines of the ERAS format. You can familiarize yourself with this format by using the MyERAS Application Worksheet

The ERAS application is divided into these categories: Education, Experience (Work, Research, or Volunteer), Publications, Languages, Hobbies and Interests, Awards, Accomplishments, and Memberships in Honorary or Professional Societies. Developing experiences within each of these categories will help you produce a successful CV.

How Can I Develop a Good CV for Residency? [Medscape]

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