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How to Maintain a Healthy Brain

Posted by medliorator on July 15, 2008

A) Appropriate nutrition.
The brain is a fatty organ. The most important fats are those in the nerve cell membranes whose presence keeps them flexible. These are the long chain omega 3 fatty acid molecules found in fatty, cold-water fish and arachidonic acid (a long chain omega 6 fatty acid).
…include additional dietary components that provide free radical fighting activity to protect them against oxidation. …I recommend a diet containing fatty fish, veggies and salads, non-starchy fruits (like berries) – that are high in free radical fighting compounds – and nuts.

C) Physical activity
Exercise delivers additional blood and oxygen to the brain. Yet, it does so much more. It actually causes alterations in the nerve cells. They produce more neurotrophins, which are compounds that increase the formation of new nerve cells and enhance their connectivity. They also make the neurons we have more resistant to the aging process.

D) Stress reduction
Chronic, unremitting stress kills neurons. This is especially detrimental to memory function. So include a component of stress reduction in your approach to optimal brain health and make sure to get plenty of sleep.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Brain Health [Sharp Brains]


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