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Finding the Best Time to Procreate During Medical Training

Posted by medliorator on July 9, 2008

First two years: Might be good for women who don’t mind reading transcripts instead of going to class, but I find it impossible to do even minimal studying with a baby around, much less the encyclopedic amount of studying required in the first two years. Also, is formaldehyde teratogenic?

Third year: The most physically rigorous year of med school so probably not the best time to be pregnant. I can’t imagine standing and holding a retractor for six hours while being pregnant. And the surgery attendings are just so understanding…

Fourth year: Theoretically, the best time to have a baby. If you get your harder fourth year rotations out of the way early, you can have a nice long “maternity leave”. Cons: then your intern year starts and you still have a baby.

Internship: Definitely the worst time to be pregnant and have a baby. The upside is that you’re already maximally tired, so what’s a few extra sleepless nights?

PGY2+: This was when I had my baby. More responsibility in these years, but less work than internship. The amount of work is residency dependent though (I’ve heard anesthesia gets progressively harder).

Chief year: Probably the best possible time to have a baby in your whole life, short of waiting till after retirement.

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