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Medicare Pay Cuts for Docs

Posted by medliorator on July 8, 2008

1. Because of a funding plan put into place a few years back, Medicare’s reimbursements to doctors were cut by 10.6% on July 1.

2. The House recently passed a bill that would block the reimbursement cuts and save money by cutting funding to privately run Medicare Advantage plans, which cost more than traditional Medicare. But the Senate narrowly failed to pass the bill.

4. Democrats and Republicans both want to block the cuts in reimbursements. But many Republicans oppose slashing funding for Medicare Advantage — and President Bush has said he would veto the version of the bill passed by the House. So the Senate must either pass a bill that is acceptable both the President and the House, or pass a bill with a large enough majority to override a presidential veto.

Senate Returns to Wrestle With Medicare Pay Cuts for Docs [WSJ Health Blog]


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